Millennium Metals offers cut to size on most products sold in lengths so you wont need to buy a 6m metre when you only require a 1m piece.

Millennium Metals also offers a delivery service, so if you can give us an address and we can find it, well deliver, T&Cs do apply.

Millennium Metals has access to a number of engineering and fab shops, so if you would like something made up, we will try our best to help make it happen.





Our premises situated in Nigel, have an engineering workshop and our product range, besides material in most grades, now includes Steel Structures.


Our fleet consists of
three full time one-ton delivery vehicles on the road, one three-tonner and one eight-tonner for the heavier deliveries.


Millennium Metals is a member of the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association




Millennium Metals
stocks most of the products and those which we don't keep,  we can source immediately.



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